Visiting The Beautiful Jeju Island Without Visa


Is undeniable that everything about of the State of Ginseng has many interested people around the world. Not only in the film and the music, but the culinary and the tour is also some things that make us interesting. However, one of the obstacles for some citizens who want to make a vacation in South Korea is that visa that quite difficult to obtain. But don’t worry, because there are ways to visit that country without a visa. More info here.

From Hongkong

You only need to take the flight to Jeju Island with the flight route to HongKong first. You can stay for a while in this area to enjoy the tour. Do not forget to take the time to hunt the souvenirs when landing in Hongkong. This area is visa-free for 30 days. You don’t need to feel confused when you’re in Hongkong, because you can spend the time in Hongkong Disneyland.

From Kuala Lumpur

If you previously had to transit in Hongkong, there are the direct flights to Jeju from Kuala Lumpur provided the airlines such as Air Asia. The tickets can be purchased since 2017. There is no visa needed because Jeju has already applied visa-free for some passport holders. After you know about how to go to Jeju without a visa, now you need to know about the interesting places to visit in Jeju that you must visit.

Manjanggul Cave

In Jeju Island, you will find the longest cave in the world. Manjanggul cave that located in Jeju Island has depth up to 7.4 km and this height reaches 2 until 23 meters. In this place, you will see directly the lava pillars and stalactite rocks that reach 7 meters high.

Seongsan Illchul-Bong Peak

This is another natural destination that you can visit in Jeju Island. The giant creatersurrounded by jagged rocks and yellow colored canola flowers offers stunning sunrise views. That’s why this crater is famous by the name of Peak of the Rising Sun. So many travelers hunt the sunrise while walking or riding from the crater formed from this volcanic eruption in thousand years ago.

Hallasan Mountain

If you want to see all the region of Jeju Island, you may see in the highest poll in South Korea is in the heart of Jeju Island with a height up to 1955 meters. You can find a beautiful creater on top of Mount Hallasan which is the best spot to see Jeju Island from a height. At the top of this active volcano, there is a beautiful crater where visitors can enjoy views of Jeju Island from a height.

Jussangjeolli Cliffs

After you see the awesome scenery from Hallasan Mountain, you may see the eruption of Mount Hallasan through the Jungmun Sea formed something exotic, namely the Jussangjeolli Cliffs. This cliff is in the form of black stone pillars which very beautiful, especially when the big waves hit the hard pillars of the cliffs. The sight of these lava pillars was even more remarkable, especially when the big waves hit the hardness of the lava cliff pillars. Find here to know about china tourism.