The Recommendation Of Best Street Food In Japan


The arrival of summer that celebrated by Japanese people in the form of festivals. From July to August, every region in Japan holds festivities in their own unique ways. Almost of the same as festivals in several countries in the world like you can go to Taipei from Japan, Japan with fireworks, parades, and more. However, the most enjoyable way is to enjoy the healthy foods along the Yatai or food stalls on each side of the road. Who knows the Japan cuisine known for its healthy foods? Such as Sashimi, Miso Soup, and the various vegetables. If you want to visit Japan when summer, so you must try some of the street food that so delicious and unique.

Sakana Shioyaki

Because of Japan is an archipelago state, seafood is widely available and Japanese people have various ways of processing seafood. Fish is processed in various ways and one of the processed fish that you will usually find on food stands is Shioyaki. Shioyaki is salted fish that is stabbed like satay and baked on a charcoal stove. Although the salted fish dishes can be made from any type of fish, but the most of the popular types of salted fish sell are sweetfish.


Ikayaki is means grilled squid. Ikayaki is usually flavored with soy sauce and stabbed like satay. But sometimes the Ikayaki is often cut in the form of rings, or just the tentacles are served, or in full part. Served in any form, Ikayaki still has a very good taste. Try to buy one if you find it at the food stand in Japan.

Ebi Shioyaki

Another form of seafood satay that you might find in Yatai is grilled shrimp with salted spices. The word “Ebi” actually generally refers to lobster, large shrimp, small shrimp. This food is not as familiar as Ikayaki, so make sure that you will try Ebi Sihoyaki if you find it at food stands in Japan.

Gyu Kushi

This street food is not made by fish but meat. This meat satay is one of the foods that you should not miss when you are hunting food at the summer festival food stands. Japanese beef is known for its quality and the taste that delicious. If you like to drink alcohol, so this food will be suitable for you to eat with the alcoholic beverages.


Yakitori means birds or poultry but in the context of Japanese, this word refers more to chickens. Yakitori or grilled chicken satay is one of the most popular foods in Japan. Yakitori served in the form of small meats which are inserted into the skewer. Many restaurants in Japan serve this menu and it is known that Yakitori is one of the best selling food menus and quickly runs out at festival events. There is no doubt why this food has become one of the favorite foods in Japan.


Yakitomorokoshi means whole corn which roasted and is often sold in summer festival food stands. Corn is usually wrapped with soy sauce or salt and produces a sweet and salty sensation. If you want to add a spicy taste sensation, you can add chili or togarashi.


Yakisoba is one of the menus for noodle lover. Yakisoba is a Japanese fried noodle. Even though soba means sorghum in Japanese, but the noodle that used for this food is usually made from wheat flour. Noodles are usually cooked with pork and vegetables and then added Yakisoba sauce., pepper, and salt. You can cook this menu at home, but buying a Yakisoba at food stands is also an interesting choice to taste this delicious food. You can try some of recommendation street food above in summer festival.