The Alternatives Ways To Go To Japan From Taipei


From Taipei to Japan, the traveler is offered with some flight options compared to some respective fees. The most general route for traveling from Taiwan itself and also Japan is between two cities with many optional flights each day, from Taipei to Tokyo. The distance itself is more than 2000 kilometers between the both of cities, the flight time Taipei itself to Tokyo city is about 3 until 4 hours which is quite convenient. It takes more hours to travel from Tokyo to Taipei. Probably the most common are flights from Taipei to Osaka, especially in International Airport in Kansai.

Taipei To Tokyo Flight (Direct)

Taiwan’s capital is served by two international airports, first the Taipei Songshan Airport and the smaller one is Taoyuan International Airport. Most flights that is intended to travel from Taipei to Japan leaves from the larger airpots and that is the Taoyuan International Airport. Arrival is much more balanced between Haneda International Airport and Narita International Airport, so as the traveler, you might want to compare and finally consider which one is the most convenient flight for you. Dont miss amazing tokyo tourism.

The Costs From Taipei To Tokyo With Flag Carrier

Some researcherssay that only a few separated cheap tickets from Taipei to Tokyo with aircraft carriers. Most of them seemed to offer flights starting at around 355 US Dollars. It looks like Cathay Pacific might offer the best one way offers via Economy Save and Economy Flex tickets at rates lower than 300 US Dollars. To prepare for the vacation in Japan, you have to know the cost estimation, from left to back home. There is some nice temple tourism.

Flight Tickets

With the assumption in 2018, the flight’s tickets for Jakarta to Tokyo Haneda route, the price of the flight ticket more than 5 million Rupiah from leaving to back without baggage. This is the common rate. It will be cheaperif you follow the promo of airlines.


Hotel in Japan, especially in Tokyo tend to be small rooms. On average, you have a room for one person. Understandably like to be used for business trips by its own citizens. So, if you do solo traveling, you really be going to pay the rate of one single bed. For the assumption that staying in a good hotel which is around 2 stars hotel, the rate of one single bedroom is JPY 3 thousandto 5 thousand. Then for the doublebedroom is around JPY 6 thousandto 8 thousand.

The option which is more economical if a vacation with one people or more is to rent a house through Airbnb, this Airbnb link is a referral to create a new account and you will get a 20 dollars discount coupon, usually the form of a house or apartment unit. For Tokyo, the price can be around 50-80 USD per night for the double bedroom. Usually complete with a kitchen and microwave, so that you can cook by yourself. A good host will even provide free pocket wifi that we can carry.


Assuming a day that we can visit 3 until 5 tourists places at once, and the transport cost by a subwaytrain is 200 JPY per trip, it will be cheaper if we buy a subway pass like in Tokyo.


The average meal is 400-600 JPY. This is a portion of ramen, curry rice, or beef bowl. Whereas ready to eat bento can be bought at the train station or supermarket can range from 300-700 JPY per serving. While ordinary drinks do not matter. On every restaurant usually provides free drinks for each guest., for example, cold ocha for eating rice, and hot ocha for eating ramen. You can refill as much as you want.

Tourist place

If you want to save your money so there are many places are free tourist attractions, usually in the form of temples or just shopping districts like Harajuku and Akihabara.